Weekend short break holiday exibition Matilda of Canossa Reggio Emilia and Mantua
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EXHIBITION ON MATILDA OF CANOSSA REGGIO EMILIAMatilda of Canossa, the Duchy Treasure, Castles and Parish Curches exhibition in Reggio Emilia, 1 day tourHistory, Gastronomy and the Great Po River.Day dedicated to the discovery of historical and cultural events regarding the Countess Matilda of Canossa’s life showed at t...
Matilda of Canossa, the Duchy Treasure, Castles and Churches in Reggio Emilia and in Mantua.History, gastronomy, the Po river and the Mincio river.Weekend 1night 2 days.This weekend is dedicated to the discovery of historical and cultural events regarding Countess Matilda of Canossa’s life. Some of these events have co...
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Matilda of Canossa Reggio Emilia and Mantua

Matilda of Canossa
Mantua and Reggio Emilia
Trip of Matilda of Canossa
Matilda of Canossa day tour Reggio Emilia
Weekend on Matilda of Canossa Mantua Reggio Emilia
Weekend Matilda of Canossa Reggio Emilia and Mantua
exhibition and Tour Matilda of Canossa in Reggio Emilia

The first international exhibition on Mathilda of Canossa presents 215 works able to recall the influence and the power as well as the historical events of the Countess’s life such as the Council of 1106 in Guastalla and the meeting among Matilda, Pope Grgory VII and Henry IV at the Castello di Canossa in 1077. Few other women played a so important role in the European history.

The Countess Matilda of Canossa was one of the most important women of the Middle Age and her reign went from Reggio Emilia and Mantua to the Po mouth but the centre of his political and military power was Canossa, the lands of the Apennine and Reggio Emilia.

The exhibit on Matilda of Canossa is also a chance to know the traditional cuisine of Reggio Emilia and Mantua.

Matilda of Canossa died on the 24th july 1115 in Bondeno di Roncore and she was buried in the Monastery of San Benedetto in Polirone .In 1632 her body was moved to Rome in Basilica di San Pietro. Matilda is the only woman that lies in theBasilica di San Pietro.

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exhibitions Matilda of Canossa

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